Experience underwater stillness and ritual with The Underwater Fins – the ultimate accessory for our This is Swim category.

Made from 100% rubber construction which provides lightweight power with maximum control, thanks to a comfortable foot pocket.

Fins must be tight on foot.
Comes in two sizes- S/M (36-38 ) and  M/L (39-41)


Small/Medium (36-38) 22cm - 23cm

Medium/Large (39-41) 23cm-25cm

Tips to find the perfect fin fit - stand on a flat surface and trace around your foot, use a ruler to measure from edge of heel to the toe.

***Please note the fins need to be tight to stay on your feet when swimming and your toes will peep through the end.

Product Knowledge

Tips to find your perfect fin fit: make sure you're standing on a flat surface. Then, trace the outline of your foot on a piece of paper. Keep your pen as perpendicular to the paper as possible to produce the most accurate outline. On the tracing you've created, use a ruler to measure from edge of your heel to the tip of your longest toe. N.B: you want your foot to be snug and not loose in the fin sock.


• 100% rubber

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