On the edge of the Sahara Desert lies Tamegroute, is a small village with a rich and vibrant history. Wanting to raise the status of the village into that of a city, the founders assembled craftsman who specialised in pottery. Still a village today, Tamegroute is the home to seven Atelier families who each own one oven and their own atelier. Creating pottery in a signature green shade the craftsmanship and skill is beautifully authentic to the region. The pottery has become its main characteristic.

Since Tamegroute pottery is only baked a single time, the glaze is painted before it enters the oven. The glaze consists of 80% manganese, 19% silicon and 1% copper. The 1% copper together with the clay out of the Draa river-bed is exactly what forms the characteristic green colour. Another type of clay with the same glaze composition would still not provide the same result. In some cases, the copper is replaced with iron oxide to produce more of a brown/ochre coloured result.

Every pottery piece is submerged by hand and then dried in the sun. The glaze now has a matt blue-grey colour. Only after being baked at high temperatures in the oven will it change to the typical green colour.


Each piece is genuinely unique and may present marks on some pieces. Every piece tells a story.

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