Sold individually

Conical glasses painted by Chabi Chic craftsmen, from our Zwak fetish pattern.

Attention object easy to divert very useful, in photophore for example.

To accompany our elegant carafe.
The glass collection is made in Marrakech by the old artisans who worked in the single and Large factory of Casablanca, closed 5 years ago for bad working conditions. A large number of artisans have been re-employed, in a smaller workshop in the Ocher city. They are now working in much more humane conditions.
The passion of these men allows to continue this craft present in all Moroccan kitchens, realizing more than 3000 glasses days!
The technique has remained the same: each piece is mouth blown from recycled glass only. Each piece is unique.



  • Manufacturing: mouth blown and hand painted in Morocco
  • Material: recycled glass and paint
  • Dimensions: D6, 5 H9CM
  • Features: Food-safe, dishwasher-safe glass

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