An ode to the Mediterranean. A vibrant, aromatic scent evoking memories of freshly picked garden herbs bathed in morning sunlight. Lemon & bergamot notes dance over a clary sage & rosemary heart, grounded in Italian cypress. An uplifting and restorative fragrance.


Olfactive Notes: bergamot, lemon essential oil, clary sage, rosemary, Italian cypress


Smells like: A Mediterranean summer garden, aromatic and fresh


Our beautiful artwork packaging is designed in collaboration with Sydney based artist Madeline Jovicic.  "A palette of blues, pinks and lemon yellows paints scenes of summer which awaken a sense of nostalgia. Madeline's artworks are filled with joy and manifestations of the places you'd rather be." This packaging is limited edition and avilable until sold out. 


300g  /Up to 70 hrs burn time / Non-toxic clean burning vegan candle

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