Reinforced stitching along internal side seams
Double stitched elastic encased hem which allows for a snug fit over your mattress

W45 x L84 x H8cm

Following our ethos for working with ethical artisans and makers, HELLO LINEN is an extension of HELLO TRADER’S carefully curated collection. It is designed consciously and with intention in our Sunshine Coast studio, is OKEO-TEX Certified and is woven from flax sustainably grown in the province of Normandie, France. 

HELLO LINEN encapsulates our aesthetic and aligns with our commitment to create beautiful pieces designed for longevity to encourage less consumption, which in turn will lower our carbon footprint and reduce wastage. We hope by sharing the motivation behind our brand practices we can encourage you to make slow and mindful purchases. 

We are not only committed to slow and sustainable practices; comfort and quality are also really important to us… especially when it comes to bedding. All of our linen is stonewashed using natural pumice stones which creates that incredibly soft and lived-in feel that we are obsessed with. Along with its dreamy texture, HELLO LINEN also has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties because it is a completely natural fibre. This also means it is breathable and has the ability to regulate body heat and room temperature, keeping you warm and cosy in Winter and cool in Summer.


  • Wash prior to use
  • Warm gentle machine wash with a mild detergent
  • We prefer to line dry our linen for environmental purposes and to preserve it’s quality and lifespan, however it is also ok to tumble dry on a low and warm setting 
  • Wash separately where possible or with similar fabrics and colours
  • Do not bleach or dry clean
  • Do not wash with any sharp items such as clothing with metal hooks, zippers or metal enclosures
  • Rotate your bedding regularly (Every 1-2 weeks is ideal)
  • Avoid exposing your linen to prolonged periods of direct sunlight as the colour may fade or appear sun bleached in areas due to its natural fibres  
  • If possible avoid direct contact between your linen bedding and any cosmetics or hair and skin products that may cause permanent stains or damage
  • If you plan to use your linen regularly store in a breathable bedding bag while rotating (100% linen where possible); when storing for an extended period of time use a vacuum sealed bag to avoid any moisture damage

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